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Success is a C.H.O.I.C.E - Thriving is a Mindset

Welcome to NextProgression, where succeeding is a C.H.O.I.C.E and thriving is a mindset. We help organizations transform their culture into teams with leaders in all roles who will lead through change with purpose, awareness, clarity and engagement.

We challenge people to go beyond the status quo so you can unleash your potential to improve performance, achieve results, and sustain growth.  This is how everyone W.I.Ns.  Every leader needs an eagle’s eye stakeholder who can listen and facilitate with trust, integrity, and accountability to navigate the climb.  When you go the climb alone, you risk falling into complacency, negativity, rigidity, and exhaustion that will derails progress, stunts growth, and leaves you sinking in chaos.

The Performance Mountain

Imagine a mountain that represents the challenges and opportunities in business and L.I.F.E. It has steep slopes and rugged terrains, where you face increased demand, unexpected shifts, and uneven paths. How do you climb this mountain? Have you conditioned for the second wind required to reach the peak of performance? You need a forward-looking, dynamically charged, values-based mindset with tenacity, perseverance and drive at the core. You need a vision, values, along with a can-do mindset.  That’s H.O.W the thrill of the climb in the process of the journey invokes J.O.Y in action.  T.E.A.M. Outlaw can help you and your team get there. We are Totally Engaged And Motivated to assist others to embrace change with bold, decisive and purposeful action on the Climb up the Performance Mountain!

Empowering Collaborative T.E.A.M W.O.R.K

The path may be rough, but the vision can be clear. With NextProgression services, we help you shape the path with insightful guidance and visionary partnership to spark proactive and collaborative leadership for the collective whole. We help organizations create engaged, energized, and empowered stakeholders. Processes alone are not enough; they need people who are willing to engage their strengths and skills so that creative expansion will help the organization and themselves grow.  Allow T.E.A.M Outlaw to help you and your organization excel and ascend. 

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achieve the W.I.N – W.I.N – W.I.N!

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Stop awhile and explore our services. We assist organizations facilitating whole team Leadership training engagements with purposeful thought stimulation, infectious energy and proven experience to Lead through Change. It is our passionate desire to inspire people and organizations to see beyond status quo and activate possibilities to improve performance, achieve results, and sustain growth for the wider whole to W.I.N. Every leader deserves an eagle’s eye stakeholder that offers trust, integrity and accountability to navigate the climb; otherwise, complacent habits, negative influences, fixed thinking and exhaustion will erode progress, stagnate growth, and result in survival through chaos. Succeeding is a C.H.O.I.C.E. Thriving is a Mindset.

Welcome to NextProgression