These workshops are life changing as T.E.A.M Outlaw creates awareness and get's organizations to come together by creating the People Love. I found it a pleasure to work with T.E.A.M Outlaw. Their commitment and determination for building an organization anchored in teamwork was infectious. T.E.A.M Outlaw helped me, as a leader, build strong connections with my people - emotionally, mentally, skillfully, and professionally. Our performance and engagement scores steadily grew as I developed a NextProgression mindset to enhance my Leadership style.
Brad Fukui
Our T.E.A.M had the privilege to work with T.E.A.M Outlaw on multiple occasions. They helped our company overcome the obstacles that stood in the way of progress. For me personally, they helped me step out of the proverbial forest and see the trees from a new perspective. This transformation not only made me a better leader, but also a better person. So the next question is, W.I.N?
Matt Thornton
T.E.A.M Outlaw provides practical workshops to help organizations cultivate and build a culture of high performers at a foundational level. Their insights and proven experience are beneficial for anyone in business who needs to build a high-performance culture. These workshops are especially helpful for business leaders who want to support the financial health of their business while getting results with people.
Steven McNamara
The complementary combination of Kandy and GB Outlaw is an inspiring dynamic life force that coaches and encourages individuals along an inward journey of personal discovery and leadership development. Their leadership training is practical, hands-on, and effective. Team Outlaw’s unique approach is equally applicable to individuals, families, organizations, and businesses (profit and non-profit) that want to thrive by establishing a success culture that is multi-dimensional and deeply meaningful, where setting and achieving big goals is normative.
Douglas Alston
Being introduced to T.E.A.M Outlaw over 15 years ago has truly shaped my career and my personal life! By continually exposing myself and team to T.E.A.M Outlaw, we have achieved goals most people said could not be done. The team that said we could is T.E.A.M Outlaw! I will continue to stay engaged with them for as long as I possibly can.
David Grande
If you’re in need to build a high-performing organization, T.E.A.M Outlaw’s passion, energy, insight and experience helps people to become better leaders to focus in their roles.
Robert Smith
T.E.A.M OUTLAW will INSPIRE Your Team to work together!
Scott Clemson
I have had the opportunity to engage with T.E.A.M Outlaw both personally and professionally. During our multiple live in-person seminars and remote sessions we were able to transform our culture, our people, and our processes. T.E.A.M Outlaw assisted us in eliminating the noise and living our values so that we could focus the team to drive growth and allow the individuals to achieve their W.I.Ns. Through coaching and the implantation of the S.E.E.D.S, we are able to develop and sustain a fantastic culture with double-digit sales growth, increased productivity, and most importantly, elevated fulfillment and happiness.
Joshua Fuller
x Carlos G. Mancera Bay Cities Auto Body Inc. California I was fortunate enough to meet Outlaw in 2009 at a 2 day conference. At the time I was managing a large shop with 48 teammates. It changed my life. Today, I co-own a successful repair facility that produces over $5 million in revenue per year and supports 19 families as well as giving back to our local community. The G.R.I.N.D to get to this point has not been easy. The climb up the PM is only getting harder, but the teachings I received from Outlaw have helped me get to where I am today. I often refer to my Purple Binder. It’s a collection of notes, emails, presentations and other teachings from Outlaw and Kandy that I have collected for 19 years. These teachings have evolved into a lifestyle. Being a Stakeholder in T.E.A.M Outlaw continues to be one of the best things that has happened to me. This manual will always remain within arm’s length.
Carlos G
Working with T.E.A.M Outlaw has awoken and ignited the characteristics that had been waiting to come out. Investing time with them inspired me to perform at a higher level than previously recognized. Any organization that is willing to get serious about improving performance, then I would strongly recommend taking the climb and “Conquering The Mountain” together.
Tom McFinch
x Michael O'Callaghan- Chief Parachute Packer British Columbia T.E.A.M Outlaw tackles todays challenges and opportunities with an enthusiasm and Can-Do attitude that are infectious. I found it a pleasure to work with T.E.A.M Outlaw. Their commitment and determination for building an organization anchored in teamwork is infectious. T.E.A.M Outlaw helped me be a better leader, father, husband and friend. T.E.A.M Outlaw cares about the whole person and I would highly recommend them.
Michael O'Callaghan
T.E.A.M Outlaw’s vast knowledge experience, and expertise puts them in a league of their own in the collision repair industry. With decades of industry involvement spanning North America & Canada, they are one of the world’s foremost authorities on leadership & leading change. T.E.A.M Outlaws’ contributions have not only helped collision centers across the country, but their advancements in the automotive industry have changed many owners & managers to become exceptional leaders in their professional careers and personal lives. When you decide to become a “Performance Based Business Operation,” and want to start your climb up the performance mountain, no one does it better than “T.E.A.M OUTLAW”!
Danard Crook
I have known T.E.A.M Outlaw for about 10 years. While implementing process optimization for our clients, we discovered that nothing in regards to process can be optimized if the culture is not open to change. With the help of T.E.A.M Outlaw, many of our client facilities were able to double and triple their output. Culture is everything, and T.E.A.M Outlaw delivers in plenitude. On a personal level, having the opportunity to take part in at least a dozen of Outlaw’s Leadership and Leading Change workshops and becoming a L.I.F.Etime member in the M.A.D. Movement has left an imprint on me that is spread as Seeds to all of my stakeholders; students, colleagues, family and friends so we all can find a smoother path up Performance Mountain!
Kevin Earlywine
Name only remove duplicate Alfred B. Glover /Alfred B. Glover Investments North Carolina On a chance visit to Mexico, I was forever blessed to meet the dynamic T.E.A.M Outlaw. Their servant leadership style is the right prescription for business and personal success. T.E.A.M Outlaw has cracked the code on elevating performance and helping others achieve desired results. They eloquently help you to communicate the simple values of SUCCESS with a holistic integration of F.A.I.T.H, Purpose, Mindset and Growth.
Alfred B. Glover/Alfred B. Glover
I've had the privilege of working with Outlaw for over 20 years. He has an uncanny ability to keep asking the next question (sometimes an uncomfortable one) and driving down to the real issue at hand. He is always there to challenge the status quo and will P.U.S.H you to achieve your personal and professional B.E.S.T. Outlaw has certainly helped to make me a better leader, mentor to my team and grow my business. I'm thankful for his mentorship but more importantly for our lifelong brotherhood.
Trent Emerson
My company has been utilizing TEAM Outlaw for the past 16 years. The results have been phenomenal. The culture that we developed together has changed the way we perform and conduct our business daily. Anyone who is in business and needs to build a high-performance culture will be the beneficiary of T.E.A.M Outlaw’s insight and proven experience. Their practical approach for helping organizations cultivate and build a culture of high performers at a foundational level is a must-do. Our business grew year over year for 16 years straight with their support.
Darren Huggins
I met GB in 2009 at a company Performance Group meeting where he presented. I was blown away by his presentation and have watched him continue to make a difference and impact everyone he meets personally and professionally. He has been my accountability partner and continues to elevate and push me in my professional leadership role and personal life as a husband, father, and friend. NextProgression’s sole purpose is to elevate organizations, teams, and individuals to make no excuses and give them a non-traditional perspective and roadmap to success, not just for the business side, but for the whole person. Grateful to be a Lifetime Stakeholder in the #M.A.D Movement.
Chris Bruder
I was very impressed with T.E.A.M Outlaw’s approach to helping my organization build the heartbeat of teamwork. Our performance improved each year after completing the Leadership & Leading Change workshop. The Coaching helped me and my team personally elevate as leaders and to make the necessary mental shifts to speak to the heart of people, coach with a shared purpose and inspire results.
Collin Herbers
x Chuck Sulkala Founder, Past President, and Past Executive Director, National Auto Body Council; President, Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, Massachusetts Compelling to listen to, inspiring the internal thinking process, and with a passion for people that is infectious. He builds teams by building individuals to believe in themselves. A real deal with a passion to share his belief in your greatness. There are a lot of good speakers I have heard and hired, but only 2 or 3 that I would even consider recommending, other than Outlaw.
Chuck Sulkala
Outlaw changed my life! This in turn empowered me to change my company’s direction, develop our teammates and improve our business success three-fold! I've participated in Outlaw's workshops multiple times, but the pivotal point in my career was my first workshop encounter with Outlaw. I was one of 14 results-driven performers identified by our growing company to be developed as leaders. Until that time, I had been labeled as not being a team player due to my non-conforming mentality and lack of trust in others. The turning point in that workshop was a result of Outlaw’s facilitation style, the message and group engagement with the whole team and his influence that caused me to look inside to overcome this no non-sense, hard edge, driven performer shell. Attending Outlaw's workshops multiple times over the years has transformed me to become a leader who inspires, cares about people, communicates effectively and holds expectations for the team to execute with accountability. His teachings have been instrumental in my success, including the turnaround of a broken company on the brink of bankruptcy to achieve $40 million in annual revenue. Now, as the owner of a new company, I continue to work with Outlaw to climb higher together. Outlaw's book is soon to be released. I highly recommend everyone to read it so you can plant seeds for your future growth and success. Outlaw cares, he asks all the right questions, and he challenges you to reach inside for the answers within. He has been a huge influence on my professional and personal life. I am honored to share this testimonial.
James Huard/Painters

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