T.R.U.S.T What You Value AND know what YOU T.R.U.S.T!

March 11 marked the ONE Year anniversary of COVID-19 being declared as a pandemic! In addition to many other things, COVID-19 will long be known by many as a major marker of the importance to T.R.U.S.T that which you Value and know that which you T.R.U.S.T!

One year ago, T.E.A.M Outlaw boarded a plane, equipped with hand sanitizer, face masks and anti-bacterial wipes. Thanks to our mother, who passed to her NextExpression of L.I.F.E one year prior, we had all the right supplies on hand. If not for that, we would’ve been bare, exposed and revealed by whatever experiences it would have taken to get us to jump on board to #RespectTheProcess for the year ahead. Our business of getting on a plane to facilitate live experiences for groups of people would require a major shift, P.I.V.O.T, jump and G.O!

What I do know is 2020 has been a year for reflection and renewal to disclose what, where and how we are truly anchoredy. We’re feeling exceptionally grateful to know that our values of High Integrity, Excellence, Loyalty in Relationship, Proven strategies for the W.I.N/W.I.N/W.I.N, Exceptional Results and Respect have guided our actions to serve and M.A.D with our stakeholders. The commitment to our values is a steadfast anchor that holds us true to our path. What we T.R.U.S.T and Believe is there is something way bigger, deeper, stronger, more powerful than us as we Climb The Performance Mountain.

Perspective is everything. When we Lead Change through values-based leadership that presents a clear vision of the future with a keen F.O.C.U.S in the present, the climb becomes doable. People serve in functional roles as leaders committed to the climb when there is a shared purpose. T.R.U.S.T what you Value AND know what you T.R.U.S.T and the rest will take care of itself. Progress will occur. Performance will improve and Results will be delivered! Teamwork Requires Unwavering Strength Together. Let’s Make A Difference today; We Gotcha Back!

Welcome to NextProgression