Improvement Starts With Leadership

An organization will does not show improvement until leaders improve within.  It amazes me at the amount of money, time, energy and marketing an organization will focus on to produce growth.  Pretty brochures, catchy phrases and slogans will never overcome a leader who is unprepared or incompetent to lead through tough times and the good times.

The strength and effectiveness of any organization is a direct result of the leader’s competence.

  • Strong Leader = strong organization
  • Weak Leader = weak organization

Laser Focus Sharpens the Leaders Effectiveness

What does it take to have the focus required to be a truly effective leader?  The keys are commitment and conviction.  To focus your time, energy and imagination use these guidelines to help you:

1.       Focus 80 percent of your time, energy and imagination (T.E. & I) on developing strengths.  Effective leaders who reach their potential spend more time focusing on what they do well than what they do wrong. 

2.       Focus 15 percent of your T.E. & I on new things – if you want to get better, you must keep changing and improving.  That means stepping out into new areas.  If you dedicate time to new things related to your strength areas, then you’ll grow as a leader.

3.       Focus 5 percent of your T.E. & I. on areas of weakness – Nobody can entirely avoid working in areas of weakness.  The key is to spend less time on it as possible, and a leader can do that by delegating it to someone in your coalition or team.

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