Change is hard for most people, but growth is impossible without change.  Most people fight against change, especially when it affects them personally. 

Change is inevitable.  There’s a saying that the only constant is change.  Everybody must deal with it in their lives.  On the other hand, growth is optional.  You can choose to grow or avoid it.  But know this, people who are unwilling to grow will NEVER reach their potential.  This can have a negative impact on an organization….and it certainly ensures one will not reach their dreams.

Making change from being an occasional learner to someone who falls in love with personal growth is tough.  It goes against the grain of how many think and live.  We are conditioned in the formative educational years to achieve a diploma.  Although there are varying degrees of accomplishment, high school, college, post graduate, etc., the conditioning causes the young mind to think there is an end to learning; or they at least look forward to achieving that last certificate of accomplishment.  In fact, many will celebrate when they receive a degree or certificate. Some will even say to themselves, “I’m glad this is over.  I’m finished with studying.”  That kind of thinking is a sure fire prescription to complacency and perhaps even stagnation.  The concept of ‘mastery’ can cap one’s summit;  Certainly, it puts an end to progression.  Without some stimulus, external or internal, staying 

Always keep the NextProgression top of mind.  Ask yourself, “What’s Next?”  Identify one new skill to learn or improve.  Know how that improvement can help you and your organization.  Remember, everyone is a leader of their own life. You have a functional responsibility to take advantage of the Opportunity both at home and at your place of business.  Embrace Change and know where you are with your NextProgression,   You are either perfecting and fine tuning; or it’s time to identify the NextProgression in some area of your leadership development.

Welcome to NextProgression