Who You Are Is Who You Attract

Effective leaders are always on the lookout for good people with a positive attitude.  Who you get is not determined by what you want, but by who you are.  In most cases, you draw people who possess the qualities you do.  What enables leaders to draw like-minded people to his/her side?  This truth: who you are is who you attract.  Remember these five conditions:

  1. Every leader has a measure of magnetism.
  2. A leader’s magnetism may impact others’ ability to make decisions,
  3. Magnetism is neither good nor bad; it depends on how a leader uses it that counts.
  4. Secure leaders draw both similar and complementary team members and/or stakeholders.
  5. A leader’s magnetism never remains static.

It is possible and necessary to recruit people unlike yourself; however, it’s critical to recognize that people who are different will not naturally be attracted to you.  Their quality depends on YOU.  If you think the people you attract could be better, then it’s time for you to improve yourself.

Important to Remember

If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a quality person yourself.  Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills and opportunities you offer as an owner, as a manager and as a leader.  Good leaders continue to refine their skills.  All successful leaders stay aware of themselves, the impact they have on others to gauge their effectiveness.  For example, learn to be strong but not impolite. There’s a difference.  It is an extra step you must take to become a powerful, capable leader with a wide range of reach.  Some people mistake rudeness for strength.  It’s not even a substitute.

Learn to be kind not weak.  We must not mistake kindness for weakness.  Kindness is not weak.  Kindness is a certain type of strength.  We must be kind enough to keep it real and stay naked with the truth.  We must be kind and considerate enough to be willing to lay it on the line; understanding that organizations must be guided to achieve its vision.

Leadership is a journey not a destination.  What works well for you may not work the same for someone else.  However, the fundamental skills of growth and leadership can be adopted to work well for all who must make progress up the “performance mountain” each day. 

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