Life is what you MAKE it; Time waits on no one….

….but Perspective IS EVERYTHING!

Anyone who has frequented Home Depot regularly has likely observed day laborers, homeless and others, stand around the vicinity of the store’s entrance looking for the opportunity to earn a day’s wage.

My local Home Depot is located roughly a quarter of a mile off the main highway.  On a recent trip there, I noticed many clusters of the day laborers scattered along the road from the bus stop to the drive entrance of Home Depot.

While at the checkout register, the cashier had a quote written on her apron, “Life is what you make it; time waits on no one”.  That quote caught my attention because it rang true to concepts that I strongly believe in;  MAKEand TIME.  I commented on the quote, to which she replied; “Yep, its what you MAKE it and I’m still waiting to hit the lottery.”  My partner, focusing on “What you MAKE it”, comments., “waiting to hit the lottery is your destiny?”  With her eyes opened wide with enlightenment,  “You make a good point”, she says, “I need to watch my words”.

As our transaction closed and others were waiting their turn, I shared this perspective.  “Ma’am, as I drove the quarter of a mile drive to your store, I noticed many people lined up the road looking for opportunity to earn a day’s wage.  I’ll bet in their mind, you’ve already hit the lottery!”

 The moral of the story is: be clear of the words and cliché statements we repeat to ourselves.  What will you MAKE happen in your world?  Your focus, with the words and phases used repeatedly, just might create that reality.  And remember, to that wonderful quote on her apron, I’ve added…

Perspective IS EVERYTHING.

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