Moving from Challenge to Opportunity

Climb higher and hurdle the obstacles so you can find the F.L.O.W! Step By Step….set your sights, climb higher, hurdle the bumps so you can flow through the valleys from higher heights For all challenges, there IS a solution.

Every problem has a solution. If you are alive with a fresh breath, sound mind and reading this post, your life is living proof of this fact. Do you agree? Think about the hurdles you have overcome, the problems you have worked through and you got to the other side. Every problem has a solutions. Is that a motto you can face all challenges and fears with? Why not embrace this motto as a way of life? It’ll assist you to hold on to the rails step by step.

Regardless of the challenge we face, I believe with all my heart that a solution exists. I believe that the universe provides a solution for each challenge that comes into my life. Since a solution always exists, why derail progress with worry? Journey with me here and absorb this affirmation this week.

“I am free from angst. I know that I can find the answer to my challenge if I open my mind and look for it. I am always looking for elegant solutions to my challenging circumstances. I trust that when I seek, I will find. Looking back on my life teaches me constructive solutions for difficult times. I see that confusion can be easily resolved by keeping my mind open.

I often find that the answer is right in front of my face. I use the knowledge to my advantage. Whenever I feel stuck, I remember that the solution is nearby, just waiting for me to recognize it. Today, I open my mind to the possibilities of each situation. I look for solutions that I may have previously overlooked. I am confident that every challenge has a solution.”

Life is challenging, but solutions always exist. It is like searching for a buried treasure with a faded map. Go inside and seek. It is only a matter of time before your solution pathways begin to open and direct you. The key is to continue looking even when the situation seems hopeless.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the three biggest challenges you face right now?

2. Consider what three solutions exist for each challenge that you have blocked thought to?

3. What can you learn from these challenges so you don’t have to repeat them in the future?

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