The Podcast Journey begins…

Check out NextProgression by T.E.A.M Outlaw! We were totally honored and delighted to join Micki Woods on her Body Bangin’ Podcast! Like Micki, we have enJ.O.Yed the privilege to work with many participants in The Collision Repair Industry.

Listen, the people who restore vehicles to pre-accident condition are skilled craftsman and detailed creative professionals who provide personal assurance to car owners that their ‘banged up’ vehicles can be restored to pre-accident condition. In some cases, the vehicle will be restored even better than before the accident – that scratch or ding you’ve been living with because “shyt happens”.

Our work in the business of people has been sheer J.O.Y to share our values-based, servant leadership principles to cultivate a culture of teamwork around a shared purpose. At the end of the day, it comes the collective of individual C.H.O.I.C.E that serves a purpose as well as creates expected outcomes. It is quite humbling to see a team’s energy and engagement switch on a dime when the people develop clarity of how their role, and the choices they make, fit in the puzzle of a bigger picture to deliver value correctly on time….and they execute to W.I.N!

We’re privileged to witness careers expand, cultures uplifted, people more excited and fulfilled in their roles as businesses expand through cultivated growth connecting People, Purpose and Process. That’s what we call Climbing The Performance Mountain as a Plural ONE!

Press Download below to play the audio! Thanks Micki for having us on your show.

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